I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  By the time I touch down in Baltimore (home) tomorrow at noon I will have traveled 11,100 miles in the past 7 days.  8 flights, 3 airlines, 6 cities, and countless meetings….The following made it all worth it.

View of Honolulu from 8 Passenger Plane

View of Honolulu from 8 Passenger Plane

View from Office/Balcony

View from the office created on the balcony of my room at Hotel Molokai

Happy Weekend xoxo


UK Restaurant Design Team

I arrived in Tennessee today, kicking off the first 2 of 8 flights that will have me flying approximately 3000 miles for the second week in a row.  I thought I’d share some quick images of amazing restaurant and bar spaces designed by the London based design firm, Blacksheep.  I came across some of these amazing spaces while gathering inspiration for the restaurant I am currently working on in Avalon, CA and have been dying to share them with you all.  Creative…Amazing…these words don’t even begin to describe what these spaces became after the Blacksheep. team got their hands on them.  Please visit their website for more information and project shots www.blacksheep.uk.com


Investment Purchases

There are people of the mindset that investment purchases entail only the big purchases in life such as cars, houses, etc.  There are others, aka fashionistas, who claim that the $850 Christian Louboutin pumps will last forever, or the $2700 Gucci bag will always be in style because they are “classics”.  I’ve always lusted after such designer items, but know myself far too well to invest $850 on shoes, because no amount of re-soling and repair will prevent the damage from driving, running around on job sites, etc.  They would never be on my feet as they would always be in for repairs; they’re shoes people, not a car…That’s not to say that I will not eventually break down and buy those classic black pointy-toe Louboutins that will last because I’ll only break them out for special events, but at that rate am I really getting my monies worth?

I have come around on bags, however, and have begun my search for a Classic Chanel bag.  I know I will carry it on and off FOREVER, and I know this due to the many relatively inexpensive black bags I’ve purchased in my lifetime.  The Chanel is one of many lust worthy investment pieces on my list and most recently I dove in head first and knocked one item off the list, a Hartmann carry-on.  At 50% off with a 10 year warranty how could I say no when I’m now traveling thousands of miles a month for work.

Hartmann PC4 International 20″ Carry-On

The top 3 investment items still on my list.  What are you investing in?

Chanel Jumbo Quilted Classic Flap Bag

Burberry London Marystow Double Breasted Trenchcoat

Celine Mini Luggage Tote

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!