Sunday Savings Tip

I have long loved Natural Curiosities art and have specified it time and time again for my residential clients in search of something special…something unique, rather than a one-off print tossed in a frame and shipped along with hundreds of the same. Depending upon the piece you may receive something that was hand painted, a print with gilt overlay applied by hand, or butterfly and sea shell specimens which are ever so delicately applied to a shadow box in such a way that make the presentation simply amazing. I have been dreaming of and will have the Lord Bodner Octopus Triptych in my home in the near, or at least foreseeable future.


With a nearly $5,000 retail price tag this particular piece isn’t attainable for all clients, but when this particular Octopus as well as the company’s Seahorse Duo were on the short list of desired items for a South Carolina beach home I was left searching for more financially feasible selections that could work in the space even temporarily until the client was recovered from renovation and ready to replace some temporary items with permanent.  The seahorses with a $1935 per item price tag…

Natural Curiosities Seahorse

Admittedly, the cost-effective findings from are not as refined and are certainly not as special as the Natural Curiosities variations, but they will serve as perfectly suitable place holders in the overall scheme.


At $357 for all three, this may become my placeholder as well!


$249.98 for the pair

The look for less is out there people.  Happy bargain hunting!



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