Home Office Organization

As I’m preparing to spend more days working from my home office (yay!) as opposed to just the usual nights and weekends (ugh!) I decided to do a little reorganizing and layout the most functional work space possible in our little guest bedroom.  Designers live with catalogs, samples, books, and magazines galore and I am no stranger to piles of these things spread throughout our home when I am busy.  Now that I am essentially working 2 very busy jobs I need to get my act together and that is just what I am doing.  My focus is on the organizational side of my home office and not the furniture since this isn’t our forever home.

There are so many resources out there for organizational supplies and I for one am a devotee to The Container Store.  I cannot get enough of it and you’d think with my love of all things neat and organized that my office would be immaculate…Well, it’s not people.

I decided to get some visual inspiration from other designers, and particularly how they store their necessary, but space swallowing tools.  I thought I’d share some of the images I found and in the next week or so I’ll have some organization of my own to share.

                           melissa_warner-wallpaper21  melissa_warner-wallpaper3

Tidy fabric and wallpaper storage at the LA Studio of Melissa Warner

5100178024_28c3b18158_oMetal bins rather than plastic in her home office.  Photo via Arianna Belle Organized Interiors


amy-meir-office 5433887874_f67c68c68eMaking the most of small spaces and I absolutely love the idea of painting these standard IKEA boxes.


via Arianna Belle

via Arianna Belle

Interesting modifications to a classic pinboard; not only wrapping in fabric but adding nailheads is a fab touch and I love the idea of clipping images to wire as opposed to pinning them.

KW Los Angeles Office

Kelly Wearstler’s expansive work space in her LA office

Vibe trays office 6

LOVE her Vibe trays which keep schemes orderly

one_kings_lane_kelly_wearstler_offices_09Even with all of that space, the smallest of fabric and leather samples are organized in labeled plastic bins.


via Arianna Belle

via Arianna Belle

Again, love the idea of the homemade striped magazine files to add a little interest.

via HermanMiller.com/lifework

via HermanMiller.com/lifework

Designer Kimberly Hall gutted the Kitchen to make room for her home office when her family moved to their new apartment in NYC.  Great use of vertical space.

Bunny William via materialgirlsblog

Bunny William via materialgirlsblog

I dream of the day I have the space for such a large layout table.

Celerie Kemble Fabric Storage

Celerie Kemble Fabric Storage

Designer Celerie Kemble uses a great system for fabrics; pull-out bins with chalkboard labels.  Thank you Sidney from Electic Interior Design Group for the use if this photo.

What do you need to get organized and how do you plan to do it?



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