Storm King Art Center- Part II


Storm King Wall by Andy Goldsworthy


Wavefeild by Maya Lin

ImageImageImageImage“Storm King Wall” is a permanent  site specific piece inspired by and old stone farm wall that was on the property.  The stacked stone wall starts out straight, but then takes a plunge into the pond , popping out on the other side where it starts to wiggle its way up the hill curving around the trees protectively as it goes.  Goldsworthy describes it as a dialogue between the then and now of that property.  The trees were cut down so the land could be used as farm land.  Stone walls were built to divide the property, but through the years that wall deteriorated and trees grew up around it.

Maya Lin’s “Storm King Wavefield” is also site specific and is located adjacent to the straight portion of Goldsworthy’s wall.  I have been following Lin’s career for a long time.  There is such a wonderful Zen like quality about her work.  Forms so simple and clean; there is an honesty about them that is unquestionable.  The Wavefield is no different.  Here she sculpted the landscape itself to create small rolling grass covered hills that mimic the wind blowing through tall grasses or the ripples on water, but also the mountains on the horizon.  The softness of this installation is a nice contrast to the mostly metal and stone sculptures of the park.  Understandably you are not permitted to walk on the Wavefield, so its form stays preserved as much as possible, yet it is so alluring! Oddly in one of the best viewing spots for this visually peaceful installation, it is also where you get the most noise from the neighboring I-87 traffic.

I’ve already decided I want to go back again in the fall to see if the pieces change with the altered back drop and to hopefully have cooler walking weather.  You do not have to be a fan of modern sculptures in particular to enjoy a visit to Storm King, and if you are an outdoorsy type that feels a bit oppressed in the typical museum, this might be your ideal way to absorb some art.  Storm King is open from April to December.


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