Beautiful Design in Kansas City…Believe it!

Not too long ago I was catching up on a towering stack of magazine’s that had collected during a particularly time-consuming project, and I found myself in awe of this spread in Architectural Digest, April Issue.  At first glance I assumed it was yet another New York Penthouse feature, but to my surprise this particular gem was in Kansas City, Missouri.  The high ceilings, wide doorways, and abundance of natural light can be attributed to the beauty of the 1923  Beaux Arts building.  The rest of the beauty and splendor, that’s all David Jimenez, vice president of visual merchandising and store design for Hallmark Cards.  He could quite obviously be running a very successful design firm, but instead chooses to keep interiors as a hobby.  I think he has an amazing eye and ability to layer and mix without creating clutter.  Each and every piece of art feels equally important whether in the Living Room or the Dressing Room, and can we talk about the music closet, dare I dream…

See the entire article here and enjoy!



David Jimenez Architectural Digest_LR


David Jimenez Architectural Digest_Library

David Jimenez Architectural Digest_Hall

David Jimenez Architextural Digest_Dining2

David Jimenez Architectural Digest_Dining

David Jimenez Architectural Digest_BR

David Jimenez Architectural Digest_Bath

David Jimenez Architectural Digest_Dressing

David Jimenez Architectural Digest_Music Closet

All photos via Architectural Digest




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