Silver Screen Interiors- Romeo + Juliet

Just like any form of entertainment, we often turn to movies to be transported to another place, far far away from our daily grind.  The world Catherine Martin created in Baz Luhrmann’s version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet does just that.  Shot partially in Mexico, it feels both modern day and old world.  They dress in current (90’s) clothes, but speak in 16th century English.  It creates this strange in between world that is not reality, but real enough to relate.

The sets are full of religious symbolism and iconography.  For me it was representational of how often two countries would go to war, both feeling as though they had God backing them as righteous.  The same was for these two feuding families.


ImageI love the set decoration above by Brigitte Broch of Juliet’s bedroom.  It just oozes angelic innocence.  This image below from St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral could almost be the design inspiration for most of the sets as far as color, elaborate pattern, and richness of materials.


Image from St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

There is nothing subtle about these sets, and that is why they are so much fun.


ImageWant to forget about your own problems and get lost in someone else’s…revisit the world of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.


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