Wall Art- It’s not your momma’s wallpaper!

In the last 10 years wallpaper has had a reawakening.  With the advances in digital printing quality, artists have a whole new medium to explore.  Colors are getting bolder,  styles are getting edgier, and the sky is the limit.  Some manufactures are even open to customizing for your project.

I’ve had an image of Rollout’s “Ballpoint Pen” on my inspiration board for months now and decided to explore their website.  Check out these beautiful examples.






Want retro, psychedelic or rock n roll?  Flavor Paper has loads of designs to choose from.






One thought on “Wall Art- It’s not your momma’s wallpaper!

  1. Reblogged this on Charm City Design and commented:

    I wanted to re-post this blog, because on Thursday, Charmed Mag attended the launch party for Flavor Paper’s new Warhol Collection. Granted access to the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art’s Warhol imagery, Flavor Paper was able to use iconic pieces like his Flowers, and Queen Elizabeth. For a real statement, go for Warhol’s Last Super mural!

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