Monochromatic at Home

Much like the ease a monochromatic wardrobe, as shared in my last post, brings to everyday life so does decorating your home with the same principle.  This is especially true if you’re starting from scratch or building upon a few basics and really want to tie it all together beautifully.  Going for the monochromatic look is an excellent base for a well-designed room, and home, especially when you begin with neutrals.  When the majority of the furnishings find themselves among the same palette, you allow yourself the opportunity to accent with bolder colors, new textures, and layer on the patterns!  I’ve heard many clients tell me they think they’ll get tired of such a “boring room”, but they quickly realize that a brilliant mix of textures and patterns in the same color family make for a well thought out, sophisticated space.  They also appreciate the ability to quickly change the entire look of a room by switching out accents for those of a new color, thus gaining an entirely new look at a fraction of the cost of re-doing the space once again.

There are those out there that love a bold color enough to design an entire room around it without fear, and to those people I say go for it!  Just don’t forget to mix in a fair amount of white for contrast.

Here are beautiful monochromatic spaces for you to enjoy while I’m on the train headed for NYFW.

White-nursery-interior ver-jlo-livingroom-lgn traditional-modern-white-living-room monoRWB_archdigest_rect540 monet-blue-room interiorspicture-14 interiorf1798c6a113e interiord917b0250b5c interior100515439_ss interior78293d69b836 interior225 interior29e2f00d1c85 interior5e06ef45d0e5 inteiron1-300x300 House_of_turquoise_com_-_Designer_Mary_mcdonald hbx-french-modern-lgn gray and gold bedroom via splendid sass decor_monochromatic-living-room11 all white apartment therapy_thumb[3] 0310-Fairley-living-room-3-xl

all images via House Beautiful and Decorpad

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