Magazine Diaries- Who Tweeted?


It just doesn’t feel like a new business until you have a business card, so that is one of the first things we wanted to do.  Having learned Adobe Illustrator earlier this year, I played around with free fonts and layouts till we had a logo we could live with.  We went to good old Vista Print for the printing, and we were in business.

Nowadays business cards almost seem old school with all of the social media out there.  You may have a business card, but what you really need is a Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, a blog, and of course a web page.  It is a little dizzying for a Gen-X-r who can barely be bothered to post on her Facebook page.  Luckily Jennifer is a bit more social media savvy than I am, and was able to get me initiated.  I never understood the point of Twitter until she gave me a tutorial, and then I realized what a good marketing tool it could really be.  So last month I wrote my first tweet, started blogging, posted my first Instagram photo, helped layout our website’s hold page, and got our Facebook page up. Whew!  I still need to get better about tweeting and posting, but I am crossing my fingers we might have an intern someday that can help out with that, because social marketing is a job in and of itself!


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