The Little Things…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the little things I’d like to change or add to areas of our home.  To be honest, I’d love to change many of the big things as well, but until we’re settled in our forever, or at least long-term, home we’re holding off (sigh..) on larger purchases such as furniture.  The little somethings can make a world of difference and give a feel of change without a major investment.  I’ve been really focused on adding some prints to our ever-growing gallery wall since it’s mostly photos and I want to be more fun.  We do look at it countless times a day as it’s in a high-traffic area.

Luckily, inspiration was delivered Wednesday afternoon when we shot the home of blogger/ shop owner Julia.  Her store, Lemon Stripes, is a wonderfully curated online shop with amazing jewelry, which will surely hold its own post soon, as well as a selection of home accessories that make us swoon.  She had a gallery wall of her own and I plucked a few items from her shop for my wish list as well as a few others from Made by Girl to add to the mix.  I think the white/gold and coral/gold options will add something special to our primarily black and white gallery.  The blog print as well as a framed scarf from Lemon Stripes would be fabulous in my office.




I’ve also been coveting a lot if small accessories to top a stack of books or provide some added organization in the office and bedroom.  C.Wonder is such a great place for such quick, inexpensive accessories.  Here are some of my favorites… The tray and base would make a great bar in a tight space and I can’t wait  to top a stack of books with a lucite ‘H’!

How would you like to spruce up your pad as we head into Fall?



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