Not Necessarily Fussy

When I first started in interior design sixteen years ago I was a modern girl through and through and nothing seemed more tired or traditional then an antique rug, which it seemed the firm I was working with, used TONS of. Through the years my tastes have expanded and I have come to appreciate how much an antique rug can add to a space, even a modern one!  Part of my original bias against the antique Oriental or Persian rugs was that I had been seeing some pretty bad imitations with poor quality fibers and garish coloring.  I did not realize that there were beautiful rugs out there that were crafted to last lifetimes, beautifully drawn, and the colors softened perfectly through wear.  I have even been seeing of late some really good new rugs made to look antiqued.  For all my modern home lovers out there, do me a favor,  before you buy your next area rug from a modern rug retailer, take a look some Antique Oushak Turkish, Tibetan, or Scandinavian rugs.  A little inspiration below all from Houzz!

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From House Beautiful

From House Beautiful



Check out this blog post by Matt Cameron Rugs for more beautiful Oushaks.

If you are in the Baltimore/D.C. area check out Alex Cooper‘s selections.


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