Magazine Diaries – Diving Right In!

Magazine Diaries – Diving Right In!

So, we have social media set-up and active, lots of schedules and spreadsheets, and weekly meetings scheduled…what now?  We decided the only way to get going was to just dive right in.  We began reaching out to people we already knew with stunning homes and had 2 photo shoots in the same day just 28 days after that very first coffee shop meeting when we talked about creating a magazine.  A few days later we met and enlisted the services of a great local stylist to assist on a couple of fashion features, and a week later had yet another photo shoot in Brooklyn, NY.  During that time we were also reaching out daily to people we hoped would be interested in partnering with us, sharing their work, allowing us to feature them, etc.  Let me be honest, there were a lot of ‘no thank you responses’ as can be expected as we’re brand new, have no track record, nor proof that we know how to start, run, or even work for a magazine.  The amazing part though were the ‘yes, definitely’ and ‘we’d love to’ responses.  These responses were filled with positive and encouraging words that allowed us to celebrate each photo shoot and meeting added to the calendar as a victory.

We gathered conceptual imagery and shopped for styled shoots that we were going to manage on our own, purchasing way too many accessories and returning them shortly after as we couldn’t possibly use them all.  There was also A LOT of thinking big and dreaming of the future.  During each weekly meeting we  spent (still spend) time talking about what we wish we had the money to do with a shoot or trip, who else we would love to work with, how we’re going to get big names to advertise with us, etc.  We get really excited like it’s going to happen tomorrow, and we know very well it’s not, but it’s nice that we both allow ourselves and one another to dream big.  Plus, we have every intention of making IT ALL happen!  The dreaming big for me really paid off last week when I had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week as a press member.  I had said, “maybe someday we can go cover NYFW” then followed it by making calls, filling out applications, and even providing writing samples and story concepts when the initial response was “we cannot allow Charmed-mag press access to NYFW as there is no proven publication…..”.  I did not accept this response as final, and the press pass arrived 3 days later.  Like I said, we’re going to make IT ALL happen.


We wrapped our first day of shoots with a glass of champagne and this beautiful view!

We wrapped our first day of shoots with a glass of champagne and this beautiful view!


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