Shopping: Chartreuse & Co.


This weekend I drove out towards Frederick, MD to the unique shopping destination of Chartreuse & Co., located on farm land off of Buckeystown Pike.  They have commandeered two barns and some smaller buildings on the property to house the various booths of antiques, hand made goods and rustic reproductions.  The booths in the main barn building are artfully curated.  You can see that each business owner has their own style, though they all compliment each other.  This wouldn’t be the place to go for sleek contemporary or Mid Century Modern.  The look you’ll find is more farmhouse chic or country French.  There were plenty of things I wanted to take home with me, more then I have room for.  I settled for an old metal sign letter “&” that had great patina.  I’m sure I have enough wall space left for that.

Be sure to visit their site for their schedule and special events.  The first time I went it was one of their Market Days, and there were vendors on the lawn as well.  Get there early…. the lines to check out get pretty long by noon.  The other bonus is Fredrick is not far away, and there are some nice spots to lunch and shop.

Try to get there before the Holidays and stock up on some unique gifts!






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