Silver Screen Interiors: Sleepy Hollow

Cover of "Sleepy Hollow"

Cover of Sleepy Hollow


My neighbors already have their Halloween decorations out, so I feel like I am allowed to get  Halloween inspired with the blog.  There are two movies I try to get in every Halloween while carving a pumpkin, or working on my costume: John Carpenter‘s Halloween, and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.  Sleepy Hollow has become a classic for me, because it harkens back to spooky Americana folklore…witches, ghosts, glowing pumpkins, and erie fog.  Tim Burton’s movies always have a  very recognizable flair to them and he brings his typical rich and dark color pallet to Sleepy Hollow.  The costumes by Colleen Atwood (one of my modern day favorites) are gorgeous, and the sets are that perfect movie stylized version of the period by Rick Heinrichs and Peter Young.  The above still from the movie looks like it should be an oil painting.  Did walls have that much patina back then?  I’m not sure, but it sure looks fantastic.




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