Campaign Style Furniture








We may have the growth of the British Empire to thank for the rise in production of easily disassembled and moved campaign style furniture, but it’s safe to say what really modernizes the look are the painted and lacquered finishes now available.  It may no longer easily come apart, unless you buy the real thing of course, but those gold corner details and fab hardware will happily find a home against any color or wood finish, and can fit in with most design styles as well.  We’re moving into the new house this weekend, and with more rooms to fill and little budget you’ll be seeing an IKEA hack from me soon inspired by these amazing pieces.

x painted-campaign-style-furniture-6 MqxpsqCbdzyl DSC_0288 jam101120-J Meares for High Gloss campaign-dresser-nursery campaign-chest Campaign Dresser from Elle Decor 349039843_7kDPBxVE_c




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