Creative Mornings: Play


Just this morning I attended the 1st Creative Mornings lecture held in Baltimore with guest speaker Jim Lucio.  What a nice way to start the day!  Creative Mornings, the brain child of Tina Roth Eisenberg, was started in NY in 2008 as a lecture series for creative people.  Much in the vain of the addictive TED Talks, each gathering has a guest speaker who is given a specific topic on which to give a brief talk.  Some of the past  topics have been Happiness, Connect, Reuse, and Money.


Lucio’s topic is Play, which is perfect for him, because no matter what type of project he is working on, you can tell he had fun doing it.  Jim Lucio is an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and event planner.  He has worked the last four years for BOPA developing the visual experience of Art Scape‘s “midway”.   In his talk, Jim spoke about how selfishness is a good thing when it comes to play.  We can not truly enjoy ourselves if we are not putting our desires in the forefront.  Start with an idea that is satisfying to you and other people will feel your enthusiasm.  That enthusiasm was definitely felt when Lucio spoke of his newest project, “After Party.”  Inspired by the passing of his Grandmother, Jim wanted to put on parties for people who have died to celebrate their legacy.  “There are too many pedestals,” he said in reference to all the unworthy attention to celebrities.  He wants to honor people like his Grandmother in a way that is playful.

Play can mean different things to us at different times in our lives.  Jim stressed how change is big part of keeping the playful part of life in balance.  Sometimes we think just because we had fun doing A, B, & C five years ago, that we should still love it.  Change is needed to freshen up and reinvigorate our outlook.

I am so glad Baltimore is now part of the 58 cities in the Creative Mornings family.  Check out their website hear to listen to past talks from all around the world and coming soon Lucio’s talk filmed by Shine Creative.  Thanks to Baltimore’s host, Katie Boyts and her team for putting this on.  I am eagerly awaiting next month’s talk on Bravery.


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