Fab IKEA Hacks

Do you have an old piece of IKEA furniture sitting around that needs a facelift, or perhaps a space in need of something, but it’s just not in the budget right now…Fear not, crafty (and not so crafty) people everywhere are turning IKEA pieces into keepers.  Plus, you can change it up again when you tire of the look!  Take a peak at some great IKEA Hacks we found on Pinterest to inspire you to create your own.

2df895851a0be6019f121432101ad1f1 91b7c22c10250152c1006a1d0c5ad29a 5015ea1a98210d0332c62ede1ed89f98 a3cf96ff1c09909aab588cde1122b51d a975bfe8ebe04a8305a01f6a1e6651e4 aa55274e921741fb0f3a299cbef9ecd6 b5b2372058ed8dbf09c2e93a538c46cf d9368f4769e996c827d893d5855a017e dcd29b825d2a3af9df2eb581f3baf6cf e1de6cef1e9b591f750899f57029d3e6 e8bec03fcfb65bd6ccdac3462eb384e1 ikea_hack_nailhead_sidetable Ikea-Chalkboard viva-full-house

Be sure to share your creations with us.  Happy hacking.  xoxo


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