What Inspires What

I recently fell in love with a new Pindler & Pindler fabric (Intrepid/Malachite).  It made me want design a room around it and it got me thinking about how designers get inspired/influenced.  Landscape inspires fabric, fabric inspires furniture choice…it is an endless loop.  Sometimes it is just the color of something we find inspiring or the graphic quality.  I had fun being inspired by this fabric.





no120_my_green_lantern_minimal_movie_poster_by_chungkong-d551lssFrom top to bottom: Pindler & Pindler fabric (Intrepid/Malachite); garden photo via trekearth.com; coffee table from Worlds Away; Greek Key Rug by jonathanadler.com; Stepped Chevron Scarf from Nordstrom; earrings from ebay; Green Lantern poster by Chungkong.


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