10 Things I am Thankful For

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1.  CHANGE- It can seem scary sometimes, especially when it is thrust upon you, but it is what makes life interesting and keeps us growing as people.

2.  FAMILY-  The never faltering support my family gives me is truly priceless and makes a world of difference.

3. FRIENDS-  They are my sounding boards, my business partners, my cheerleaders, and my therapists.

4.  MY HOME-  It is nothing extraordinary.   Small and modest, but cute.  It is a place I can make all my own.  A yard I can plant in and complain about maintaining.

5. PAINTING-  There is nothing like standing in front of a canvas, painting away, so focused in the moment, that everything, all thoughts just fall quietly away.

6.  BALTIMORE- It feels more than just my hometown, it has become a limb, or an organ.  I love it faults and all.

7. MY CAT- At the risk of sounding like a cat lady, my cat is one of the most loveably balls of fur I have ever met.

8.  PAST EXPERIENCE-  While we shouldn’t live in our past or even dwell on it, it is always good to acknowledge, without judgement, the experiences that made us what we are today.  Painful or joyful we build on those moments.

9.  FOOD- Sounds a little silly to say that, since we need it to survive, but in the right hands it becomes an expression of art and emotion.  I like cooking it, hearing about it, and especially eating it.

10. TRAVEL-  When my battery feels low, travel is the cure.  I may love my home, and my home town, but seeing and experiencing new places changes your perspective…sometimes in a life changing way.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!  What are you most thankful for today?


A Case for Crown

Table of architecture, Cyclopaedia, 1728, volume 1

Table of architecture, Cyclopaedia, 1728, volume 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Up until the bust of the building boom, the interior design firm I worked at designed a lot of homes from the ground up, and that meant a lot of specifying moldings: crown, casings, baseboards, wall paneling, etc.  I think I memorized the White River catalogue.  Some people can’t live in a room without crown molding, others run from it as if it represents all things stuffy and old fashion.  Moldings do not have to make the room look over decorated, they can subtly add architectural interest, and bring a human scale to large space.  When selecting moldings for your home, just remember to keep them in proportion with the size of the room.   The shorter your ceilings, the smaller the crown should be.  The wider the door opening, the wider your casing can get.  If like to be different an can’t bare the idea of looking at another dental molding, check out the collections by Solomon & Wu.





The Design Files Open House

TDF Open House

Today I’m sending you over to The Design Files Daily to check out The Design Files Open House which was open in Melbourne, Australia this weekend.  Lucy Feagins started The Design Files Daily in 2008 and has risen in the ranks to become Australia’s top design blogger — good for her, because we love the constant flow of beautiful and original content.  Her team put together an amazing design house called The Design Files Open House which us stunning.  The paint colors alone are amazing; it seems Australians are not so shy about using color and we’re fans of that mentality!  The group of artists and fabricators that came together to create The Design Files Open House are truly special and it’s evident in the final product.  The also gathered fantastic sponsors from Jardan and Country Road to Mini – yes, that Mini. There was a car specifically for the event and everything…

Hop on over to The Design Files Dailyto see all of the photos from the opening event as well as the gorgeous house itself.  And, if you happen to be reading in Australia, then lucky you, because Lucy is bringing you another Open House December 5-8, 2013 in Sydney.  Get all of the info here.

What’s your favorite part of this Open House?


Wall Art- It’s not your momma’s wallpaper!

I wanted to re-post this blog, because on Thursday, Charmed Mag attended the launch party for Flavor Paper’s new Warhol Collection. Granted access to the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art’s Warhol imagery, Flavor Paper was able to use iconic pieces like his Flowers, and Queen Elizabeth. For a real statement, go for Warhol’s Last Super mural!

Charm City Design

In the last 10 years wallpaper has had a reawakening.  With the advances in digital printing quality, artists have a whole new medium to explore.  Colors are getting bolder,  styles are getting edgier, and the sky is the limit.  Some manufactures are even open to customizing for your project.

I’ve had an image of Rollout’s “Ballpoint Pen” on my inspiration board for months now and decided to explore their website.  Check out these beautiful examples.






Want retro, psychedelic or rock n roll?  Flavor Paper has loads of designs to choose from.





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Studs Wanted

I feel like a lot of fashion trends do not fit with my look, body type, and sometimes age, so I am super happy when there is a trend that I am into and can pull off.  No that I need to be trendy, but it makes it easier to shop.   The trend I am digging now is the use of studs or faceted metal on shoes, belts, clothes and jewelry.   It is a little edgy, a little rock and roll, but it also has the ability to transform something plain into a statement piece.  Check out these examples.

Franco Sarto- Fun

Franco Sarto- Fun



H&M- Studded belt

H&M- Studded belt

Windsor Store

Windsor Store

Total stud shirts for summer 2

Polyvore Verses

Polyvore Verses

Polyvore Alexander McQueen

Polyvore Alexander McQueen

Dream Getaway: Amanyara

Bear with me here.  I have not been on a REAL getaway vacation in years.  A sad side effect of starting new businesses.  So I just wanted to take moment to dream, dream about going to this place: Amanyara resort in Turks and Caicos.  I have never been anywhere in the Caribbean, so that alone makes a trip there intriguing.  Mostly, I have to admit, I want to be in these beautiful buildings, looking at the beautiful surroundings.  Amanyara in Sanskrit means peaceful place, and boy does this place look serene.  Designed by Jean – Michel Gathy.  yara_bar1_alb yara_library2_alb yara_pavilion_alb yara_swimming_pool2_alb yara_reflecting_pond_alb yara_villas_pavilion6_albphotos from http://www.amanresorts.com/amanyara/picturetour.aspx

IKEA Rast Hack

We were in need of a new side table in the Living Room and I just couldn’t find anything I loved that was within the budget, so I turned to IKEA and made my own.  I selected the Rast 3-Drawer Chest since it’s unfinished, has drawers for storing my endless magazine collection, and at $34.99 is a steal!

rast--drawer-chest__25877_PE057109_S4I have a love of Anthropologie hardware and had these Ripe Melon Pulls in Ivory already on hand which are still available online and in-stores for $6 each.

untitledA quick stop at Home Depot for metal corners to get that campaign look, with my own twist in the pulls of course.


1 coat of primer and 2 coats of Navy paint that I already had on hand from the recent Dining Room makeover, and here we are…

photo (2)A quick little fresh flower addition and all done.

IMG_1426It may not be a forever piece of furniture, but I’m kind of in love with it and plan on keeping it around for a little while.  I purchased a second Rast chest since the price was so great and am looking for a great way to bring it to life for my Guest Room.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  This was one of the easiest IKEA hacks I’ve ever done and I challenge you to send me photos of your IKEA hacks.  You may just see it here on the blog next week!!!