Magazine Diaries: Vol. 1 is HERE!


photo by Tommy Sheldon

The only way I can describe the making of this first issue is a wild, fun, and frenzied ride.  There has never been another time where I have delved so deep into a project that I had to learn how to do at the same time, at such a fast pace, and with no budget.  It can make life a little stressful, but It is also makes for an interesting life!  We have met so many new, creative, helpful, and encouraging people.  Looking for content has opened our eyes to all the talented people out there…some right at our back door.  We hope to show off all that talent and the great people we are making contact with in every issue, as well as share our tips and view points as interior design professionals.  We already are hard at work on Vol. 2.  Keep in mind we are always on the look out for interiors to shoot and submissions for our Love letter segment.  Please spread the word!!  We are finally live.

Special thanks to those who were  a big help in making Vol.1- You know what you did: John Hardy, Teri Pozniak, Jim Lucio, Jamie Campbell, Elizabeth CB Marsh, Wes Emlet, Kim Urich, Jasmin Davis, Zoe Jones, Cindy Olsen, Greg Bachman, Brian Donnelly and Tanya Blasko for being our 1st!


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