Magazine Diaries – Saying It Out Loud

I typically do not re-post, ever, but as I woke up to a great number of emails and texts this morning pertaining to how Marishka and I had the idea to start, Charmed-mag, which launched yesterday, I thought this may help fill in the blanks for those who asked.  Plus, those of you who are just learning about us can learn a little more about the magazine and how it got it’s start.  I can not thank all of you enough for reading. xo Jenn

As Marishka shared last week in this post I had been thinking about an online magazine concept for months.  I had a notebook with random blogs, designers, and other creatives that I wanted to opportunity to meet with, learn their stories, and share with the world.  I also love to travel and wanted to find a way to experience a new place differently and share it with the world.   In trying to figure how to go about doing that I decided that an online magazine was a way to get started right away and have the instant gratification I so desire.  I had it all worked out in my head, or so I thought, and quickly realized I knew exactly what I wanted but had no idea how to go about doing it.  I’m not a writer, editor, or graphic designer, but was willing to be all of those things to make this happen.  I knew I had to tell someone about the idea, someone who could be my partner in the venture and whom I trusted to help carry out my vision, but also add their own vision.  I knew Marishka was this person as she’s not only the most creative person I know, but she is also the most reasonable so I knew she would be honest and bring me back down to earth if needed.   As soon as I finally said it out loud it became SO REAL.  She was immediately on board which I wasn’t expecting so quickly (or at all).  Ideas were streaming and we had a real concept and direction of what Charmed-mag was to be.  We both dove right into the next phase which we’ll call intensive research.

What this research really consisted of was a very long list of books ordered about everything from publishing to editing as well as graphic design and layout, and finally a group of various blogging and social media books.  We studied like we were back in school coming up for coffee and to share notes on what we had learned.  Aside from that we quickly developed some simple tools that would allow us to communicate with one another and share ideas in real-time since we have day jobs.  DropBox was a brilliant way to begin sharing concept photos, and shared Excel files which allowed us to quickly lay out the first issue as well as serve as a template for future issues.  We spent our free time researching other publications both online as well as print both for things we loved as well as those that weren’t working to ensure we didn’t make the same mistakes.  There are pages torn from mags strewn throughout my home, much to the hubs dismay.  We dug around extensively for what publications are charging for advertising as well as what creatives in the industry are paid.  It may be a 2 man team for now, but we know we need to be prepared for contractors and employees very soon.  During this time Marishka began some creative and design work which I’ll let her share with you all.

Most importantly, during our second meeting we determined exactly how much we were each willing to invest to get this going, and thankfully we were on the same page.  Not just with the money though, also with the agreement to spend all of the time necessary to make this successful even if we have to pass up on fun and spend our weekends working.  We also agreed to re-evaluate after 3 issues (6 months since they’re bi-monthly) to determine whether this will be successful financially as well as for our careers moving forward as we both want nothing more than to call Charmed-mag our official full-time job.  It’s true, all of this in just 2 meetings.  We were moving quickly and quite frankly I wasn’t (and still can’t) sleep as there is so much to do and it’s so exciting to think about all of the things to come, like Fashion Week, and travel to London and Paris for the first issue.

We’ve had a lot happen since and we’ll continue to tell our story as we go.



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