’tis the Cooking Season

photo from blog/landof nod

photo from blog/land of nod

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays… actually it is my favorite holiday (sorry Christmas).  What is nicer then a day where you focus on gratitude, unplug, and enjoy a meal with family and friends.  There are two other reasons I love Thanksgiving, and those are: I like to cook and I like to eat!   Even in early November I start feeling the need to get in the kitchen, like a marathon runner warming up for a race.  It has me thinking about the cookbooks I rely on and some cookbooks I would like to try out.  I do use the internet to get recipes; sites like epicurious.com make it easy to find great dishes, and it is a quick way to find out how to cook a veggie you have never heard of before, but I still love have actual cookbooks.  The Betty Crocker cookbook shown above was the go-to cookbook in the kitchen when I was growing up, and a newer version became my very first cookbook after moving out on my own.  It is a staple for any new to intermediate home cook.  Your basics will be covered.

I’m going to go ahead a start off with the book I can not live with out now.  It isn’t even a cookbook really, but more of a guide to pairing flavors.


The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg is perfect for cooks who don’t always want to follow a recipe.  Lets say you know you want to make something with butternut squash, but not sure what.  Look up butternut squash,  see what they list, and get inspired.


Visiting a friend in South Carolina, I noticed every antique store or flea market had an abundance of locally printed cookbooks, typically printed as a fund raiser for a church or community auxiliary.   You’ll find the recipes tend to repeat, but they are GEMS for those old school, guilty pleasure dishes that are always hits at parties.

Here are a few more cookbooks that I go to A-LOT!



Please share your favorite cookbooks with us!  I am always on the lookout.

cookbook shelf 1

cookbook shelf 1 (Photo credit: chotda)


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