The Design Files Open House

TDF Open House

Today I’m sending you over to The Design Files Daily to check out The Design Files Open House which was open in Melbourne, Australia this weekend.  Lucy Feagins started The Design Files Daily in 2008 and has risen in the ranks to become Australia’s top design blogger — good for her, because we love the constant flow of beautiful and original content.  Her team put together an amazing design house called The Design Files Open House which us stunning.  The paint colors alone are amazing; it seems Australians are not so shy about using color and we’re fans of that mentality!  The group of artists and fabricators that came together to create The Design Files Open House are truly special and it’s evident in the final product.  The also gathered fantastic sponsors from Jardan and Country Road to Mini – yes, that Mini. There was a car specifically for the event and everything…

Hop on over to The Design Files Dailyto see all of the photos from the opening event as well as the gorgeous house itself.  And, if you happen to be reading in Australia, then lucky you, because Lucy is bringing you another Open House December 5-8, 2013 in Sydney.  Get all of the info here.

What’s your favorite part of this Open House?



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