Spreading Cheer

With a handful of holiday parties and engagements fast approaching, I decided to make a little something to take along as a thank you.  Spotting a recipe in Martha Stewart Living for Bacon Jam, and already owning jelly sized mason jars, the plan took shape.  Luckily none of the gift receivers are vegetarians (I hope), so I bought the needed ingredients, doubling the recipe.  I think I was hoping there would be enough left over for me.  To add a personal touch I decided to cover the tops of the jars with a fabric that complimented the color of the jam.  Using the rim of a martini glass as a stencil, I cut out a circle larger then the jar lid, using pinking shears.

IMAG2970Then using a glue gun, I added glue around the top edge centered the lid on the cut out circle.  Add glue to the sides of the lid and then pull fabric against it, letting it gather in spots.  Fabric should cover bottom edge of lid.


Add a label to the jar.  You can get as fancy as you want.  I happened to have blank stickers I got from the 1$ section in Target.


Fill the jars when the jam is ready.

IMAG3031Finish it off with a ribbon


There you have it, a cute, tasty, thoughtful gift, that your hosts can either share with guests or keep for themselves.


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