We love a good storage solution here at Charm City Design.  Places for all of those little things that pile up (love it), new ways to organize the closet (gotta have ’em), and drawers in stairs too (shut up!).  I have an ever growing file of these creative and/or well designed solutions of all kinds, and am eager to see how you’re creatively keeping order in your home.

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We’d love to share the storage solutions you love in your home in the next issue of Charmed-mag.  Send us photo submissions to by January 1, 2014.  Remember, it’s the little things and big things alike that make for great storage.  Have a small home that’s arranged just so, does everything have it’s place, or is it the inside of a cabinet, drawer, or closet that feels perfect to you.  Whatever it is, send it along, we can’t wait to see it!

Thanks for reading! xoxo Jenn


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