Want it Wednesday (on Thursday)

It’s Thursday people.  Most of you probably already knew that, but i managed to go through my entire day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday, so surprise to me this morning.  That being said, here’s Wednesday’s post…on Thursday.


It’s 5 degrees and we’re covered in snow, so this is a practical one, so to speak.  Quality snow/rain boots that are toasty warm – sorry Hunter, but my toes feel like I’m going to fall off when I wear you even with the 2″ thick socks.  Plus, they’re cute enough to keep on all day!  They’re not cheap for something with the sole purpose of being exposed to terrible conditions, but if you’re an East Coaster you well know that they’re worth it at this point.  I just came from walking 2 new construction houses and I was just dreaming that these were on my feet.  Instead, it took the hour car ride home for my poor toes to defrost.  If I’m being truthful I want a few others things this week, namely a remote starter for my car, and a trip to a tropical island.

Have a fab rest of the week.  xoxo J


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