DIY: Valentine Candy Box

DIY candy box

Spray paint has become one of my favorite mediums for crafts and paintings of late.  This is an easy peasy way to decorate a candy box or gift box, no wrapping paper or heart shaped boxes needed!  Read below for the step by step directions and a few other box decorating ideas.  Check back for our blog that will tell you how to make peanut butter and pretzel truffles…the perfect filler for these super cute boxes.

candy boxesAll of the above materials can be found at your local craft store.  You will want to select an appropriate doily size for the sized box you need.

1.  Lightly spray the adhesive to the back of your paper doily.  Let the glue dry a bit or blot it with a rag to reduce the stickiness.  You will want the doily to stick to the box, but be able to be removed without leaving a lot of goo behind.

2.  When it feels to the touch that the stickiness is just right, adhere it to the box in the location you desire.  You don’t want to have too much white space.  We like the 1/4 round look.

3.  Now you can spray it with your preferred colors.  Sticking with the traditional Valentine’s colors, we first used a cherry red color, and then immediately sprayed on some pink – without totally covering the red.  This adds a little more interest.

4. Slowly peel away the paper doily and let the paint dry.

It is as simple as that.  Wrap your edibles in plastic or wax paper and tie it up with snazzy ribbon.

DIY candy box


Charmed-mag DIY box

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