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Magazine Files – A New Look

VDay Launch

We are so excited to present the new web home for Charmed Magazine. We are switching up our format so that we can bring you new content more frequently. Our blog will now be part of our website. We will keep you informed of trends, inspirations, and the random things we happen to be obsessed with at the moment. Remember, new articles, as well as new blog posts will be added to the site every week. You no longer have to wait months to see what we have been working on. This also means we will need more submissions, so please, keep in touch and share your interiors! We love hearing from you.




It’s that time of year. You know the time when you so desperately want Spring to arrive, but know in your heart of hearts that there are weeks if not months of bundling up left ahead. The stores and websites tease us with their pastels, open toes, and dare I even mention the swim suits. I do the same thing each year when this time arrives; I look and lust, and then promptly close the laptop and bury myself a little deeper into the comforter for warmth. This year I want to plan ahead and begin purchasing items that I can slowly transition into Spring so I can maximize their wear and extend the budget a bit.  I’m eyeing a couple of skirts that can just as easily pair with sandals as a chunky knit, comfy separates to wear with my favorite denim, and of course some jewels and shoes to refresh all of the items that will soon be moved from the storage closet to the daily closet.


What can you just not wait another minute to wear?


Renovated Barns

It is official.  I am going through my renovated barn phase.  I think a lot of us go through one.  That period in our life when we see dilapidated barns off in the distance, while driving somewhere, and we start to imagine what you could do with all that space and the great old bones of it.  Of course in my fantasy, there is a whole big art studio space….and a huge farm style dining table with contemporary/industrial chandeliers above…and crazy big windows with a view of the country side and its rolling hills.  Here are some inspirational pictures, just incase you are going through your renovated barn phase too.  Enjoy.



Picture 3



Renovated barn and its solar panels




Interior Designer Alphabet: E and F


E is for Escutcheon.  In furniture terms it is the metal plate over a key hole or the backplate of a door knob.  It is one of those details that adds another level of interest to a piece of furniture.


F is for Finial.  A finial can be any ornament that caps the ending of a structural element.  Our favorite finials are those used at the end of a drapery rod.  Draperies are such an important part of your interior and the finial is just one of those details can further carry your design statement, even if that means it is a simple end cap.

Valentine’s Day Gift: PB and P Truffles

Valentine’s Day Gift: PB and P Truffles

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together so well no matter what your relationship status is at the moment.  These tasty treats are perfect for gifting or snacking on yourself.  Warning they are hard to put down!  They are as easy as one, two, three to make, you’ll just need a little time.

PB&P Truffles

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1/3 cup finely chopped salted pretzel sticks

1/2 cup milk chocolate chips- melted


Mix the peanut butter and chopped pretzels together in a bowl, and then chill in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.  You want the peanut mixture to be firm.


Using a spoon, scoop out enough of the mixture to make a nickel sized ball.  Use the palm of your hands to get it as round as possible.  You should get 18 to 20 balls.  Line them on a parchment lined cookie sheet, or as I used, a non stick matt.


Chill the balls again in the freezer, this time for 1 hour.  About 10 or so minutes before your balls are ready, start melting your chocolate chips using a double boiler, keeping the water hot, but not boiling.  Then dip and coat the balls in the melted chocolate.  I am no artist when it comes to this, so I used small tongs to do the dipping and hoped for the best.


Let the truffles set in the refrigerator for another 30 minutes.  After that, what you do with them is your business.  Put them in a decorated candy box or bag & bow them and make someone’s day!IMAG3283