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Magazine Files – A New Look

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We are so excited to present the new web home for Charmed Magazine. We are switching up our format so that we can bring you new content more frequently. Our blog will now be part of our website. We will keep you informed of trends, inspirations, and the random things we happen to be obsessed with at the moment. Remember, new articles, as well as new blog posts will be added to the site every week. You no longer have to wait months to see what we have been working on. This also means we will need more submissions, so please, keep in touch and share your interiors! We love hearing from you.



Interior Designer Alphabet: E and F


E is for Escutcheon.  In furniture terms it is the metal plate over a key hole or the backplate of a door knob.  It is one of those details that adds another level of interest to a piece of furniture.


F is for Finial.  A finial can be any ornament that caps the ending of a structural element.  Our favorite finials are those used at the end of a drapery rod.  Draperies are such an important part of your interior and the finial is just one of those details can further carry your design statement, even if that means it is a simple end cap.



I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Mine was a busy one with work and travel.  Although it’s hard to live out of a hotel for a week, at least it’s in Florida where I will have a nice break from the freezing cold weather we’ve been experiencing lately.

As I’m here installing a project I thought I would share some of the images that have brought inspiration lately for many vastly different interior projects simultaneously underway.  Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration as well.

Olive Interiors a7bbd58c13c173b1f2053ee4637231b7 aad3a7effdeba2628f7e625ec46ea9e7 Christina Murphy Interiors victoria-hagan-blue-stripes-overhead.001 01 interiors - lake house - dustjacket attic 1fe5d01fc84a9ad967de39168d7fcd91 4eb2711c80eb8271a2703edd9292a3d0 5 6d7927490b00108bfb46127b9f9176ac 15e48b055a519f3364b3941585a1de1e 25f1f5bcec5bfe34ef855e19efa4a63d 28d7d2eddf2edb7f5eeb9a12e5264a88 382f63e9b2f7bf522a9793527e60d4df 120417_011_0 2255089aee74d674f1ac38e888373c38 b50450aba618cb16b35b532e62f05427 e59bc6eff7fd25dfa79445cb7eab0b6c ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? green-burgundy-bedroom-ictcrop_gal lake cottage dining thom filiicia dark grey room striped walls canopy bed quatrefoil clover design white Have a super week. xoxo


Interior Designer Alphabet- C and D


C is for Capital.  The capital is the head of a column.  C could also be for Corinthian, the particular style of the capital shown.  You do not see too many homes these days being built with a lot of columns, but these same details are used on furniture as well.

dD is for Dovetail.  Dovetail is the interlocking of wedge shaped ends to form a joint.  This construction method in furniture is a sure fire way of knowing it was made by someone or a company that believes in lasting quality.  For example my cute modern dresser that was very well priced DOES NOT have dovetail joints and its veneer is already peeling off after just a few years.