Jewelry with Flower Power

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Trump has nothing on these Homes


I hopped on Pintrest for a little inspiration, and I barely had to scroll before I saw a Pin by my friend (Thanks D.M.!).  It was on the work of French artist Hurbert Duprat.  The Caddisfly, found around most rivers, create protective tubes for themselves out of materials they find in their surroundings.  Normally this would mean wood, small bits of stone, fish bones, shells etc.  That made Hurbert Duprat wonder…what if they only had gold to work with?  He carefuly located the Caddishfly larvae, brought them to his studio and created a controlled environment where their only choice of construction materials were gold flakes, beads, and jewels.  The end result were these amazing jewelry like tubes.  I wonder if they enjoy these building materials or if they miss their fish bones.

Though the web is filled with posts about his work with the Caddisfly, his other work is just as interesting.  For a little more on the work of Duprat click here.

Now if we could only engineer spiders to spin gold webs…I wouldn’t mind walking into them.