Arts: Alternative Photography with Amy Rockett-Todd

Today on the Arts page of Charmed-Mag, our interview with Amy Rockett-Todd


Art Books

Alex Katz, 1970, Pop art

Alex Katz, 1970, Pop art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image from The Design Book

Image from The Design Book

I just spent an hour compiling a list of 28 art/design/architecture/and photography books to get your creative Juices flowing.  Sadly it did not save properly, and it has vanished (along with the last hour of my life).  So I’m afraid you will be getting a greatly condensed version.  I will just focus on the gems found at Phaidon.  You can always count on them for a great art book.  Click on the title for more information.

1.  Alex Katz

2. Antony Gormley

3.  The Design Book

4.  The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design

5.  Japan Style

6.  History of the Poster

7.  Spoon

8.  Art Deco Style

9.  The Contemporary Garden

Have a favorite art book, tell me about it!